Unlimited free disposable email addresses

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Create your user

Sign up and choose your new anyalias username, for example "john". Need to sign up for a shady website you don't trust with your private email account? You can now use a disposable email address like shady@john.anyalias.com and keep your email safe.

Protect your inbox

Any emails sent to *@john.anyalias.com will be forwarded to your private email account. Let's say john signed up to freecoupon.com with freecoupon@john.anyalias.com and now would like to stop receiving emails from them. Blocking that alias is super easy, just click the link at the bottom of an unwanted email, or via the alias management panel and you're done!

Use our chrome extension

We can make your life even easier by downloading our chrome extension which will automaticlly generate your disposable email address wherever email addresses are required.

About Us

It's all started when one day we thought to ourself that there must be a way of keeping our email address secured. There were too many stories on the news telling how hackers and phishing scammers keep trading our emails and sell them to the highest bidder, just so they can all spam us. This is when the idea occurred to us that we need some sort of a service that will generate unlimited "fake" email accounts, but still be able to interact with confirmation emails or keep getting those emails as long as the email address was not sold for spam purposes. Once you you want to stop getting emails from that party, you can immediately block this account without going through a long process of logging in to a website you don’t remember the details to and then explain why you want to unsubscribe and tick the right boxes. But all you need to do is just block this address in one simple click so whoever has this address can keep spamming and emailing but you’ll never get those emails. So, we really hope you will enjoy our service at least as much as we do, and don’t forget to tell your friends too😊

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